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MongoDB Community Advocacy Program

The MongoDB Community Advocacy Program is a global community for passionate and dedicated MongoDB advocates. The program enables enthusiastic program members to grow their knowledge, profile and leadership through engagement and advocacy of all users of MongoDB technologies.

Community Champions and Community Enthusiasts keep the community informed and excited about our latest developments and offerings. They are the trusted bridge between MongoDB and the organizers, contributors, and creators who represent the backbone of our community.

The nomination process is currently closed. To be notified when the application process re-opens, please register here .

What it means to be a Champion

The Champions tier of the Community Advocacy Program program consists of community members who are currently using their expertise in an active leadership role to accelerate the growth and knowledge of MongoDB’s community and technology.

Close-up of a laptop video screen showing two MongoDB employees video conferencing with 7 Community Champions, with a slide entitled "Product Timeline Update"

Influencing MongoDB Strategy

Learn about relevant product development strategies and identify the best ways for us to support the wants and needs of the MongoDB community.

Collaborate with Our Community

Create quality relationships with senior-level MongoDB staff and community members all over the world, and work together to create exciting new content about MongoDB technologies.

Upleveling Your Visibility and Knowledge

Gain exposure in the global developer community and develop transferable skills as a blog writer, trainer, influencer, podcaster, or an event speaker at top industry events.

Meet the Champions

Arek Borucki

Principal SRE Database Engineer

Location pin Munich, Germany
(Returning Champion)

Chris Dellaway

Consulting Engineer

Location pin Waterloo, ON, Canada
(Returning Champion)

Elie Hannouch

Founder / Senior Software Engineer

Location pin Beirut, Lebanon

Hans-Peter Grahsl

Developer Advocate

Location pin Graz, Austria
(Returning Champion)

Jay Wooten


Location pin Indian Harbour Beach, FL
(Returning Champion)

Justin Lee

Principal Software Engineer

Location pin Brooklyn, New York, USA

Kevin Smith

Principal Software Engineer

Location pin York, UK

Leandro Domingues

Founder, CTO, Engineer

Location pin Sao Paulo, Brazil
(Returning Champion)

Malak Abu Hammad

Lead Web Developer

Location pin Amman, Jordan
(Returning Champion)

Michael Höller

Independent Consultant, Solutions Architect

Location pin Bad Urach, Germany
(Returning Champion)

Nuri Halperin

Senior Architect

Location pin Santa Monica, California USA
(Returning Champion)

Rajesh S Nair

Senior Software Engineer

Location pin Almere, Netherlands
(Returning Champion)

Roman Right

Principal Software Engineer

Location pin Jüterbog, Germany

Shrey Batra

Founder / Senior Software Engineer

Location pin Noida (Delhi NCR), India

TJ Tang


Location pin Shenzhen, China

What it means to be an Enthusiast

The Enthusiasts tier of the Community Advocacy Program consists of community members of all knowledge levels who are interested in expanding their role in the advocacy and knowledge of MongoDB’s community and technology.

Six community members sitting around a table using a stylus or their fingers to work on tablets at an event

Influencing Program Growth

Participate in group syncs with other Enthusiasts and MongoDB staff to give feedback and create new ideas that will fuel the growth of this new tier of the program.

Collaborate with our Community

Create quality relationships with MongoDB staff and community members all over the world, and work together to launch new advocacy initiatives.

Upleveling Your Visibility and Skills

Receive professional coaching on technical writing, copywriting, or public speaking to prepare you for opportunities to be a trainer, influencer, blog writer, or an event speaker at top industry events.

Meet the Enthusiasts

Aditi Sharma


Location pin Bangalore, India

Dani Monteiro


Location pin São Paulo, Brazil

Darine Tleiss

UI/UX designer

Location pin Tripoli, Lebanon

Hamza Faham

Freelance Full Stack Web Developer

Location pin Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Heba Ahmed

Data Scientist | Team Lead

Location pin Cairo, Egypt

Hemant Sachdeva

Associate Software Engineer

Location pin Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Juan Roy

Senior SME MongoDB DBA

Location pin Zürich, Switzerland

Justin Jenkins

Full Stack Developer & Instructor

Location pin Colorado Springs, USA

Khushi Agarwal

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

Location pin Jaipur, India

Onkar Janwa


Location pin Udaipur, India

Otavio Santana

Software and Architect Engineer

Location pin Leiria, Portugal

Paavni Ahuja

Marketing Analyst

Location pin Ambala, India

Pallaav Sethi

Data Engineering Manager

Location pin Bangalore, India

Rodrigo Nascimento

Senior Workload Performance Engineer

Location pin Santos, Brazil

Sanchit Khurana

MongoDB User Group Leader

Location pin New Delhi, India

Sani Yusuf


Location pin London, UK

Sumanta Mukhopadhyay

Lead Full Stack Developer

Location pin Kolkata, India

Tanya Sinha

Software Developer II

Location pin Gurugram, India

Tiyasa Khan


Location pin Kharagpur, India

Trina Yau

Salesforce Software Engineer

Location pin London, United Kingdom

Vishal Turi

Software Engineer

Location pin Gujarat, India

Champions & Enthusiasts Lead By Example

Shield with a heart in the middle
Uphold the Community Code of Conduct

Champions & Enthusiasts are pillars of the community, exemplifying the best behavior and upholding the community Code of Conduct .

Shooting star
Protect and Foster Community Culture

Help new members become acclimated to the norms of the community by teaching them how to ask questions, contribute content, participate in community events, and upskill their knowledge.

Shield with a lightning bolt
Seek Out and Share Knowledge

Learn and share new knowledge that can contribute to the development and growth of the Community Advocacy Program, its members, and MongoDB.

Benefits & Rewards

3d isometric building blocks
  • Labs or workshops with MongoDB associates on topics of community choice

  • In-depth and invitation-only Q&As with community-requested MongoDB associates

  • Early-access to product roadmaps (Champions Exclusive)

  • Discussions with product and engineering teams about product direction or feature prioritization (Champions Exclusive)

  • Participation in early access programs (Champions Exclusive)

  • Access to “Champions Summit” featuring MongoDB leadership (Champions Exclusive)

People in a circle
  • Branded badges and ranks on the MongoDB Community Platform

  • Group syncs planned and facilitated by Champions and Enthusiasts with staff support to empower participant ownership, leadership, and input

  • Access to private groups on the MongoDB Community Platform

  • Provide mentorship to new Enthusiasts (Champions Exclusive)

  • Participate in Communities of Practice groups that share knowledge related to key technologies, use cases, and more (Champions Exclusive)

Event admission ticket
  • Global promotion by MongoDB of content created (e.g., blogs, videos, tutorials)

  • Financial support for advocacy opportunities at global developer conferences (limited funding may be available for Enthusiasts)

  • Letters of recommendation/reference/advocacy

  • Branded SWAG

Arrow pointing upwards
  • Training and coaching on public speaking, blog writing, social media, and personal branding strategies

  • Free MongoDB certification

  • Promotion to Champion tier with outstanding program participation (Enthusiasts Exclusive)

How to Qualify


Our goal is to recognize our most invested community members for contributing in the ways that are most meaningful to them. When evaluating new program membership, here are some of the factor we look at :

Browser window with a star

Create content such as blog posts, podcast, videos, workshops, courses, social media posts, and more


Speak at MongoDB, industry events or community events

Two chat message bubbles

Participate in community forums, user groups, community programs, community building

Group leader with followers behind them

Lead user groups, community projects

Speed dash

Passion for the MongoDB community and technology

Stack squares
And more!

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