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MongoDB for the Telecommunications Industry

Make data your greatest asset, in the cloud and on premises. Start building your digital transformation strategy with MongoDB for cloud telecommunications

Evolving business support systems for future services

Business support system (BSS) transformation has been a theme in telecommunications for more than a decade. But despite previous attempts at transformation, most telcos still find themselves wrestling with the same issues around legacy systems, processes and skills that chew up most of their budgets and shrink the time and resources that can be allocated to new initiatives.

Read this report to understand the status of today’s BSS systems and future spending trends.

Report: Evolving business support systems for future services


IDC: Effective data management is essential for taming the 5G network complexity beast

5G services are breeding new expectations for both consumers and business/enterprise customers. In a new white paper, IDC examines how the data management platforms underpinning the 5G future stack up.

Increased automation needs and AI-driven operations depend on a developer data management platform such as MongoDB that can satisfy these requirements while addressing rising network and operations complexity along with growing customer expectations.


How telecommunications companies can build competitive advantage with MongoDB

Race ahead of competitors and drive value in the telecom industry

Communication service providers with a strong BSS and OSS partner ecosystem are building a better customer experience with cloud-native architectures. See the benefits of cloud services for CSPs.

Telcos are going next-gen with cloud infrastructure adoption

Create a comprehensive, cloud-based customer view today, and keep pace with the scale and data integration challenges of tomorrow. We partner with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to build a digital transformation and data management strategy that complements your resources and capabilities.

A cloud native network means build anywhere

Build new business functionality and services faster, scale to millions of users anywhere on the planet across networks, and cut costs with MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas. Whether in the public cloud or with a hybrid cloud approach, telecom services thrive with a cloud computing architecture.

Mobile edge computing in the public cloud

Build a next-generation customer experience with network functions like ultra-fast computing, low latency, and super-scaled connectivity at the edge. It's easy to build applications at the edge and bring solutions to the market faster with MongoDB, AWS Wavelength, and Verizon.

Time series solutions for telecom providers

Build and run time series applications and services of any scale, while processing customer data in real time. Quickly bring new apps to market, gain faster insights and lower costs on a cloud-native platform.

Become a 5G and IoT digital service provider

The speed and volume of data roaming across multiple network functions demands a modern data platform. Telecommunications operators choose MongoDB to move data faster.


Customer success stories in telecommunications

Telcos around the world are using MongoDB to scale quickly, develop new products and services, and increase their speed of innovation. Drive revenue, deliver enterprise solutions and begin your migration to MongoDB.

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